Across America, Part 3

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From the podcast

After taking a week to visit our Chicago Podcast Festival show, I told you Claire's farewell would be back! This is the capper, folks -- the end of an emotional night that moved the whole house. I hope you feel it through your speakers/earbuds/whatever. This ep, enjoy:

  • Dwight Haesler: Anthony
  • Shelby Mongan: The City, Capital "C"
  • Brad Einstein: American Forests / Hey Ms. Friedman
  • Claire Friedman: When Did This Happen?
  • Claire & Brad: America
  • Cover Stories: Chicago

Thanks to Jackbox Games for sponsoring this episode and thanks to the Chicago Podcast Coop for everything.

And hey, our Five Year Anniversary Show is coming up THIS SATURDAY at the Hideout! Don't miss it!