Andrew's Greatest Hits 3: October 2014 (featuring "RNC")

From the podcast

Are you ready to say goodbye to Andrew Bentley? I'm not, but that'll have to change because his farewell Chicago show is happening this Sunday. To get you all ready, we've pulled out perhaps the most popular Bentley story of all time from our archive. From our October 2014 episode, themed "Our Lips Are Sealed," this recording features Andrew's tale of his trip to the 2014 meeting of the Republican National Committee -- among a host of other great storytellers! Enjoy -

  • Cover Stories: She Don't Use Jelly
  • Nathan Thompson: Spoilers
  • Aaron Amendola: The Worst Kind of Breakup
  • Andrew Bentley: The RNC
  • Nicole Keating: Doubt
  • Elliott Serrano: The Captains of Star Trek
  • Cover Stories: Rock and Roll All Nite