April 2012 Part 1: Teach Your Children Well, Etc.

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From the podcast

So here's something: April is the last "themeless" episode of NP:YS. The music episode was so popular that we decided to have a rough unifying principle guiding each recording going forward. Still, three of the four stories represented in this part of April's show have a kind of childhood/growing up theme to them, so get ready to wax nostalgic! This recording features:

  • Dwight & Eric: Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Claire Friedman: Youth Nerd Culture Today
  • Sawyer Heppes: Ferris Bueller in Batman Underwear
  • Steve Persch: Death to America ('s Funniest Home Videos)
  • Dwight & Eric: The Hook
  • Dwight & Eric: I Want It That Way