April 2012 Part 2: Krazy Kustomers and Kool Kids

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From the podcast

Welcome back to Your Stories! The next live recording is TONIGHT (if you listen to this the day it drops) at the Upstairs Gallery, 5219 N. Clark in Chicago. We'd love to see you there! This episode features:

  • Eric & Dwight: Pinball Wizard
  • Andrew Bentley: Pleasure in Fictional Demise
  • Myke Golliday: Krazy Kustomers Part 1
  • Eric Garneau: Krazy Kustomers Part 2
  • Jon Lester: Working With the Cool Kids
  • Ruchie: Med School is Sexy
  • Shawn Boyle: Camp Unknown
  • Steve: Pabstblueribbonville