April 2015: Pick a Card, Part 1

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This month, Your Stories moves into its new digs, the Cards Against Humanity theater, for a fun episode inspired by and featuring our landlords! Most of the stories and songs you'll hear this month were inspired by black or white cards found in everyone's favorite party game for horrible people. This episode, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: _________
  • Henry Birdseye: A Fart
  • Matthew Hoffman: Awkward
  • Debbie Banos: Seeing Grandma Naked
  • Kevin Budnik: What Are Your Parents Hiding from You?
  • Andrew Bentley: Inflating Sean Hannity with Helium and Watching Him Float Away
  • Tanner Woodford: Two Midgets Shitting into a Bucket
  • Cover Stories: Being Blind and Deaf and Having No Limbs

Thanks to our sponsors for this episode, Iron Galaxy Studios! We love you, Dave Lang! And of course thanks to the Chicago Podcast Coop for being awesome.

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