April/May 2014 Bonus: Conventionally Speaking live at C2E2 with Team StarKid and more!

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We Nerds were really stoked to bring our storytelling show to Chicago's premiere comic convention this year, and now we're stoked that you get to hear it! Recorded on the C2E2 Live! stage (note the !) on Friday, April 25, this episode features some amazing stories related by really great guests from Team StarKid, Giant Bomb, Cards Against Humanity, Chicago Loot Drop, and more! This time out, enjoy:

  • Claire Friedman - Con Together
  • Joseph Walker - One World by Night
  • Mike Chuck Bretzlaff - Avengers Assemble
  • Trin Garritano - Eddie from Akron
  • Daniel Strauss - Phoenix Down
  • Billy Arrowsmith - The Evil Kool-Aid Man
  • Patrick Klepek - "Gamerz" with a Z

(And please pardon the louder-than-usual crowd noise; recording was a little trickier than we anticipated. These stories are just too good not to share!)

Also, if you like games, come play Magic with us!