From the Archive: January 2012

From the podcast

Friends, if you live in or around Chicago, make sure you keep July 29 open, cuz we've got a pretty dang special live show coming up celebrating a certain performer's history with our show. I'm not saying who, I'm just saying he's featured on this episode, the second one we ever recorded! There's a lot of great, contextually iconic pieces in this episode, even though we had to reschedule our venue less than two hours before showtime and had a live audience of about six plus the performers. Oh well! To be young again. This week, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: 1979
  • Cover Stories: Brian Wilson
  • Kevin Reader: Bad Reviews
  • Shawn Boyle: Proving the Preciousness of Life with Math
  • Andrew Bentley: Love Letter to Iron Maiden
  • Eric: Wicker Man (partial)
  • Alex Talavera: Crisis on Infinite Alexes
  • Eric Garneau: Born to Monologue
  • Cover Stories: Because the Night