Best of 2012: Audience Picks

From the podcast

I hope you enjoyed last week's episode of my favorite stories. Now it's time to hear what you guys liked the best! Just like last week, this episode features the selected stories as they were originally told plus guest commentary (aka not my own!) about why these are so great. As we close out 2012, please enjoy:

  • Andrew Bentley: Forbidden Fruit
  • Charlie Connell: The Randall of the XXX World
  • Aaron Pinkston: A Story of Sports Glory
  • Chris Geiger: Gotta Catch 'Em All
  • Dwight & Eric: The Pokemon Theme
  • Steve Persch: Why I Didn't Drink in College
  • Nora Seidman: A Luke & Leia Thing
  • Chris Crotwell: The Real-Life 7 Dwarves
  • Dwight & Eric: Fight For Your Right
  • Steve Persch: Left Behind

Happy New Year everybody!