Best of 2017, Part 1

From the podcast

As you probably know (since I've been talking about it for weeks), December means two things in the Your Stories camp: 1) our end-of-year blowout live show and 2) our best of 2017 podcasts! This week, you're getting part 1 of the latter, featuring a handful of favorite stories and songs from the last 12 months of the show as chosen by our listeners, fans, and friends! Many of the storytellers you hear on this week's episode will be sharing new pieces at the Beat Kitchen on December 17, so make sure you're there! And get ready to go back in time and enjoy some stone cold classics from the Your Stories year that was. This week, you get:

  • Cover Stories: Under Pressure
  • Andrew Bentley: Survival Tips for the New Poor
  • Mike Gifford: Darryl
  • Katie Wadsworth: Megan
  • Savannah Million: Awkward Robots, Awkward Humans
  • Jen Ducharme: The Truth About Modern Female Sensuality
  • Leah Marshall: Ghosted
  • Cover Stories: Chicago

Come back next week for the second half of our best-ofs, featuring more heavy hitters!