Best of 2017, Part 2

From the podcast

Your Stories Best Ofs are some of my favorite annual traditions. It's always so fun and honestly a little validating to go back through the archives and assemble some favorite pieces from the past year of podcasts. There was a lot of incredible stuff to choose from this year, spanning like a few hundred stories, a dozen venues, and even a tour! If you're looking for an hour of power(ful pieces), this is it. This episode includes:

  • Cover Stories with Sasha Rohret: Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree
  • Benjamin Rathert with Eric Garneau: If It Takes a Lifetime
  • Ashley Keenan: Invisible
  • Logan Dean: Fat Orson Welles and the Curse of Solomon's Cone
  • Chels Harvey: The Roach Dance
  • Andrew Friedman: Anime Convention
  • Alex Talavera: Mixed Heritage
  • Cover Stories Annual: Beelzeboss

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