Best of MBS, Part 2: May 2013 (Crime & Punishment)

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From the podcast

On Saturday, October 20, we're throwing a farewell show for the one and only Mary Beth Smith, who won't be in Chicago too much longer. To celebrate, we thought it would be cool to dive into our archives and revisit some of MB's most memorable pieces, like this one from May 2013 themed around Crime & Punishment! This episode, you can (re)enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: I Fought the Law
  • Claire Friedman: OK Cupid Habits
  • Mary Beth Smith: "If This is the Last Time You Hear From Me, You'll Know Why"
  • Lauren Rodriguez: The Only Three Times I Got in Trouble
  • Sawyer Heppes: The Adventures of Schmitty
  • Cover Stories: Criminal

And make sure you keep Saturday, October 20 open, ya hear!