BONUS Episode: Live at Challengers Comics!

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From the podcast

At the end of last month we hosted our first ever live remote show at Challengers Comics, 1845 N. Western Ave in Chicago. It was a total blast and we really appreciate all our old and new friends who came out, as well as the accommodating staff at that lovely shop. Here's the episode that resulted! We had to cut a few things due to some shaky audio (though mostly this episode's up to our regular quality), and you'll find a few more prepared comedy bits than usual, so we could introduce the new audience to what it is the Nerdologues does. In this episode you can enjoy:

  • Dwight & Eric: I Just Had Sex
  • Nerdologues: Magneto Was Right
  • Claire Freidman: Growing Up with Batman
  • Andrew Bentley: A Grievance with Identity Crisis
  • Tim Manning: On Meeting Christopher Nolan
  • Claire & Eric: Challengers
  • Ed Soderberg: Battle Wounds for DS9
  • DeAndre McNeal: Spider-Man in the Flesh
  • Nerdologues: Fantastic Foreplay
  • Nerdologues: Awesome Dude Rebuttal
  • Dwight & Eric: I Believe I Can Fly

Next episode recording's THIS Sunday, March 18 at the Upstairs Gallery in Andersonville. Hope you can make it!