Chris & Shelby's Top 5: Fellowship Part 1 (June 2014)

From the podcast

This is it! Chris and Shelby's look into their favorite episodes of Your Stories past ends here with this throwback to June 2014!  We recorded this episode with some of the fine folks of the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (or CAKE for short), which is still an awesome thing you should support. ALSO, Chris and Shelby's first full show as hosts is the ever-popular Fanfiction February this Sunday at the Cards Against Humanity Theatre. Don't miss it!

In the mean time, this episode, you can enjoy once again:

- Cover Stories: High Enough
- Steve Persch (with Mary Beth Smith): First Sketch
- Kevin Budnik: Boy/Girl party
- Natasha Samreny: Trip
- Grace Tran: A Comics Fellowship
- Cover Stories: Handle with Care