December 2014: Apocalypse, Part 1

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From the podcast

This month's Your Stories is packed with so many great guests you might get Great Guest Overload. Trust us, it's a real thing. We've got Our Fair City! We've got I Fight Dragons! We've got Jim Snedeker from Blackened filling in for Eric on guitar! We've got friends galore! What a night this was, guys. This episode, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories w/ Jim Snedeker: Toxic
  • Clayton Faits: Yosarian the Beta Fish
  • Brian Mazzaferri: The Dragon Wagon
  • Sarah Sheber: Flat Tire
  • Ele Matelan: Amptutation
  • Ryan Bond: Parental Apocalypse
  • Cover Stories w/ Jim Snedeker: It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Hey, it's December! Don't forget to help us put together our Best Of 2014 Your Stories episode. You can nominate your favorites here!

Also, our final live episode of the year is this Sunday - Annual #3 cuz it's our third birthday, yeah! And if you're around before that, make sure to check out our good friend Kevin Budnik's comic podcast recording immediately before ours!

And HERE'S the Our Fair City Season 6 launch party Clayton talks about in this episode!