February 2012 Part 1

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From the podcast

IT IS NOW TIME FOR THE FEBRUARY EPISODE OF YOUR STORIES. Well, the first part, anyway. This show we've got improviser Steve Persch regaling us with a tale of contextual coolness, blogger Shawn Boyle sharing his fear of the apocalypse, Nerdologues troupe member Kevin Reader reliving the glory days of eighth grade basketball and special guest stand-up Mat Elfring (of Comicvine fame) sharing some tales from his time in the comic book industry. Additionally, this month we're joined musically by one Matt Heckler, an excellent folk singer/songwriter from the south suburbs of Chicago.

Join us on Sunday, February 19th for our next live recording at the Upstairs Gallery, 5219 N. Clark at 7:00 PM. As always this is a FREE, BYOB show. Come tell a story or just enjoy the company! We've also got some bonus shows coming up later this month and year, which you'll hear all about on the podcast. Thanks for listening! Please send feedback to nerdologues@gmail.com or post it wherever you find this fine recording.

This episode includes:

  • Matt Heckler: Future War
  • Steve Persch: Coolness in Context
  • Shawn Boyle: A Glass Half Full, and Full of Poison
  • Kevin Reader: Basketball Diaries
  • Mat Elfring: Living the Life at Comic Vine
  • Matt Heckler: Bottomed Out