February 2012 Part 2

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From the podcast

Welcome back to the second part of our lovely, nerdy, story-telling-y February show. This episode features Nerdologues troupe member Bill Kenkel lecturing us on the futility of existence, film blogger Aaron Pinkston with an oral history of bad haircuts, and theater writer/producer/manager Byron Hatfield providing a tale of summer jobs that nerdy kids just shouldn't have. Once again our friend Matt Heckler lends his considerable musical talent to this month's proceedings.

Join us THIS SUNDAY, February 19 at the Upstairs Gallery in Chicago (5219 N. Clark) at 7:00 PM for the next FREE episode recording. If you can't make that, then come out to Challengers Comics (1845 N. Western in Chicago) Monday, February 27 (again at 7:00 PM) for the first of hopefully many remote recordings!

This episode features:

  • Matt Heckler: Julia
  • Matt Heckler: A Dying Man
  • Bill Kenkel: The Futility of Existence
  • Aaron Pinkston: An Oral History of Haircuts
  • Byron Hatfield: Bad, Bad Summer Jobs
  • Matt Heckler: The Waitress & The Derelict