Festival Circuit: "First Times" (from the Jangleheart Comedy Circus 2013)

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From the podcast

One last festival show from our archive, cuz hey, we're doing a live one tonight! Don't miss our show at the Beat Kitchen this evening, 8:00 PM as part of the Chicago Podcast Festival's feature series. We're bringing a handful of fantastic performers and also previewing a brand new Nerdologues podcast. To commemorate, here's the first ever festival show we did, from the Jangleheart Comedy Circus in 2013. Recorded in a venue lobby ("podcast stage"), this episode features some terrific performers ruminating on the theme "First Times." Enjoy:

  • Mary Beth Smith - The First Time I: Took the Stage
  • Tim Dunn - The First Time I: Ran from the Cops
  • Erin McGathy - The First Time I: Made a Girl Cry
  • Jorin Garguilo - The First Time I: Picked up a Daniel Pinkwater Book
  • Mark Colomb - The First Time I: Watched¬†The Empire Strikes Back

We'll see you tonight!