A Fortnight from the Heart, Part 2 (from 826CHI)

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We're back for the second half of our dive into A Fortnight from the Heart with this episode recorded in the classroom at 826CHI, one of our favorite local organizations. It's all open hearts and power ballads this week, plus more pieces written by the mega-talented 826 students! Enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: I'll Be There for You
  • Cover Stories: To Make You Feel My Love
  • Margeaux Temeltas - "Dairy" (Imaan Y) / The Mirage part 1
  • Mike Chuck Bretzlaff - "Coookkkkiiieee" (Leah N) / I <3 Donuts
  • Ashley Keenan - "Coming Out" (David R) / Care Advocate
  • Tyler Snodgrass - Metal Feelings
  • Cover Stories: It's All Coming Back to Me Now

Our own Fortnight from the Heart starts Thursday! We'll be posting daily episodes from the archive featuring one love-ish story and one ballad-y song! It's gonna be fun.

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And of course support the heck out of 826CHI!