Fringe, Part 1

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From the podcast

When it comes to cool stuff happening in Chicago podcast, Postloudness is high on our list, so we were really jazzed to collaborate with them for an evening of live storytelling, the first part of which is now available for your earholes. This episode, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: The Way You Make Me Feel
  • Alex Cox & Savannah Million: Robot Stories
  • Chakka Reeves: Studio Audience
  • Nate Bechtel: The Gospel of Dr. Brauner
  • Jonathan Giles: Super Rat
  • Subi Shah: "Almost a Relationship"
  • Cover Stories: My Vag

Thanks to our sponsor for this episode, Cards Against Humanity, and thanks to the Chicago Podcast Coop for being the wind beneath our wings!

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And seriously, check out the wonderful shows that live under the Postloudness banner. You'll be happy you did.