Hit the Road, Part 1

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From the podcast

Your Stories is coming to your town! Maybe! If you live in a major city west of Chicago and north of I-70 possibly! 

It's going to be a real exciting handful of weeks, guys. You can follow the tour on Nerdologues.com and our Facebook page as well. 

But first, the send-off! This episode features:

  • Cover Stories with Chris Blake: Near to the Wild Heart of Life
  • Andrew Bentley: The Final Journey of the Flying V
  • Mary Beth Smith: Stand-Up
  • Troy Hayes: Pies Across America
  • Eric Garneau: Why
  • Cover Stories with Chris Blake: Born to Run

If you want to follow and support the tour, you can also visit our Patreon page! Backers at the $5 level and above will get access to every show recording the day after it happens, plus bonus audio diary entries!

We hope to see you out on the road. Let's make this tour a hit.