Home Brew, Part 1

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Longtime listeners of this show (or people who just caught the archival episode from last week) will recognize Benjamin Rathert as an incredible storyteller, performer, friend to the show, and (most importantly) friend to the people who create it. A few months ago, Ben asked us if we'd consider doing a Your Stories in his home town of Ava, IL, and we were more than happy to oblige. Here's the first of two episodes Ben produced and hosted himself, including some fantastic friends of Ben from all across the state! This episode, enjoy:

  • Eric: Sunny Came Home
  • Kyle Triplett: Thanksgiving in Bunker, MO
  • Trish Pfeiffer: Home Birth
  • Ben Rathert: Zahato Bag / Dr. Brian burns / Doctor, My Eyes
  • Kyle Triplett: Bluegrass Punk