Horror Stories Part 1

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Because we typically record Your Stories episodes a month before we release them, it never really made sense to do a Halloween episode before. But now we've got this fancy new weekly schedule, and friends, we can make magic happen. With that said, this is our first Halloween episode in four years of doing this podcast, recorded last night and ready for your ears now! Get ready for a fright, etc.! This episode has:

  • Cover Stories: Somebody's Watching Me
  • Cover Stories: Every Breath You Take
  • Andrew Bentley: Oatmeal
  • Katie Utke: Haunted House Job
  • Nate Bechtel: The Screams of Children
  • Will Hindmarch: The Rotting
  • Shelby Mongan: A Public Voice
  • Shelby Mongan with Eric and Dwight: Take Your Time (Coming Home)

Thanks to our sponsors for this episode, Emporium Arcade Bar, and thanks as always to the Chicago Podcast Coop!

PS, Andrew is totally wrong about The Monster Fuck