I Thought I Knew, Part 1

From the podcast

Scott Whitehair is a fantastic dude who does amazing work in the Chicago storytelling community. We were proud to team up with him for a night of Your Stories. Scott chose the theme and co-curated, and what we got was a great night of speakers reflecting on the idea "I Thought I Knew." This episode, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Like a Virgin
  • Cover Stories: Rock the Casbah
  • Andrew Bentley: Agnostic
  • Eunice Jarrett: Martha and the Vandella
  • Brian Wille: I Thought I Knew About Insects
  • Martita Rodriguez: Dickmatized
  • Katie Johnston-Smith: Fuck Up / Acid Tongue

Thanks to our sponsors for this episode, Iron Galaxy, and thanks so much to the Chicago Podcast Coop as always!

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