July 2014: Circus, Part 1

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From the podcast

The wonderful Upstairs Gallery was this show's home venue for all of 2012, so when we heard it was closing up shop at the end of summer, we thought we had to do something to recognize how great it was to us. So here it is! We're not just looking back, though... the theme this month is "Circus" because of the excellent upcoming Jangleheart Circus festival curated by the fine folks at Upstairs. You can learn all about that festival on the Gallery's Facebook page, and while you're getting ready to check out the lineup and buy your tickets tomorrow, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Tightrope
  • Cover Stories: The Wire
  • Claire Friedman: Steve
  • Margeaux Temeltas: Train Station in Munich
  • Alex Honnet: Final Fantasy, Fathers
  • Chris Geiger: Clowning
  • Cover Stories: Ring of Fire

BTW, it's a big weekend for the Nerdologues, with our four-year anniversary party Saturday and our next Your Stories recording Sunday!