June 2015: Sound Idea, Part 1

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From the podcast

A lot of this month's Your Stories guests are part of the Chicago Podcast Coop, a really cool thing we've been talking about a bit for the last few months on the show. This episode you'll learn a little more about it and hear from some of its talent; we've also got old and new friends of the Nerdologues back to share their stories! You'll hear:

  • Cover Stories: Karma Police
  • Cover Stories: Teenagers
  • Patrick O'Rourke: What I Learned from Podcasts
  • Katie Utke: Cosplay Is Not Consent
  • Shelby Mongan: Failure
  • Arnie Niekamp: Never Better Than a Sound Effect
  • Eric Barry: Escort
  • Cover Stories: With a Little Help from My Friends

Thanks to Maxistentialism for the sponsorship this episode! Seriously, it's a great zine and costs but $3/month to subscribe to!

By the way, Patrick O'Rourke hosts Making New Friends. Arnie Niekamp hosts Hello from the Magic Tavern. Eric Barry hosts Full Disclosure. These are all awesome shows that you should check out!

Here's the Nerdologues Kickstarter project I referenced in the show intro. If you like fun things, look over here!

And here's info on the next Your Stories recording. It should be a special one!

Finally, here is some photographic evidence of my favorite moment of the night. Thanks to Improvised Star Trek's Sean Kelley for capturing this!