June 2015: Sound Idea, Part 2

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From the podcast

You ready to hear some more about how much we love the Chicago Podcast Coop? Or course you are! But isn't it also effective just to give you a bunch of podcasters telling great stories? Of course it is! This episode, we welcome a handful of other great Chicago creatives - both podcasters and not - to our stage to share whatever "sound idea" makes them think of. We've also got our friend Jim Snedeker back on guitar for a couple sweet numbers! Please enjoy:

  • Cover Stories with Jim Snedeker: Feel Good Inc.
  • Sean Kelley: The Opinions of Sheep
  • Clint Worthington: What Happens in Vegas
  • Charlie Madsen: Account Executive
  • Max Temkin: Advertising
  • James Gordon: Furniture Pickup
  • Elizabeth Cambridge: Late-Night Habit
  • Cover Stories with Jim Snedeker: Comfortably Numb

Thanks to Iron Galaxy Studios for sponsoring this episode!

ALSO: Sean Kelley co-stars in Improvised Star Trek. Clint Worthington co-hosts Alcohollywood. Max Temkin co-hosts Rewatch. Elizabeth Cambridge hosts Random Conversations. Listen to these!

James Gordon's best-selling book can be found here!

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And here's info on Wednesday's special Your Stories show!