March 2012 - The Music of Our Nerdy Hearts

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From the podcast

It's March, which starts with the letter M. You know what else starts with the letter M? Mmm... donuts. ALSO - music! This episode is all (mostly) about music and features some fantastic original, never-before-heard songs by comedians Andrew Bentley, Bill Kenkel, Steve Persch and Claire Freidman, as well as a really touching monologue about music's power from blogger Shawn Boyle. Claire, myself and all-around creative fellah Myke Golliday also have non-musical nerd moments to share. Join us, won't you?

This episode features:

  • Dwight & Eric: The Enemy Song
  • Dwight & Eric: Moral Fiber
  • Andrew Bentley: Metal Lightning, Autopsy of My Soul, Forbidden Fruit
  • Claire Friedman: High School Xanga Adventures
  • Bill Kenkel: Part of That World
  • Eric Garneau: On Writing for Teens
  • Shawn Boyle: The Power of Music
  • Myke Golliday: Close Encounters of the Turtle Kind
  • Steve Persch: Left Behind
  • Claire Friedman: The Dirty Internet Song
  • Eric: Here Comes the Morning
  • Dwight & Eric: The World is Falling