March 2015 Bonus: Grind, Part 2

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From the podcast

We're back again with our second March bonus episode recorded at the magnificent Dinosaur Coffee in Silver Lake. Los Angeles was incredibly kind to us, and we had a great time making these episodes. Now it's on you to enjoy them! This episode, we've got:

  • Cover Stories: Because the Night
  • Kristin Clifford: Six Months Job-Free
  • Eric Roth: The Year That "Nerd" Broke
  • Maggie Clancy: Kids in LA
  • Gary Lucy: What Happened to All the Organ Grinders?
  • DC Pierson: Life Keeps Revising
  • Cover Stories: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Huge thanks to our sponsors this episode, Cards Against Humanity! Also thanks to the Chicago Podcast Coop for your support and being amazing!

If you want to keep up with our guests, you can visit these places!

  • Kristin's website
  • Eric's comedy page (I'm pretty into his RPG Show).
  • Maggie's blog - and Cover Me, a great music blog where we worked together! (Maggie also wrote about being on our show here)
  • Gary's excellent podcast, The Ketchup
  • DC's tumblr, where you can follow his latest work

And please, be cool and back this project from Nerdologues founder Kevin Reader and friend/great artist Kevin Budnik: The Secret History of Chicago, a (Graphic Novel) Coloring Book!