March 2015: Fanfiction 3, Part 1

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From the podcast

Since 2013 we've been delighting in presenting you guys with yearly episodes themed around fanfiction. This year's batch of stories, while not all as slash-y as last year's, are all equally wonderful! Plus there's still some sex for you perverts out there. This episode, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Stan
  • Cover Stories: David Duchovny
  • Brad Einstein: Fred Phelps in Gay Heaven
  • Logan Dean: Fat Orson Welles IN The Case of the Gilded Goblet
  • Drew Krehel: Dragonball naZi
  • Maggie Wagner: Holodorks; or, VISOR Envy
  • Katie Johnston-Smith: Closed Doors

Some thanks: first, to Threadless for letting us record at their HQ. Buy their shirts! (They're 40% off today only!)

Second, to our sponsors for this episode, Field Notes! They come to us via the Chicago Podcast Coop, a great new program you all should know about set up by our own Claire Friedman!