May 2012 Part 1: Let’s Talk About Sex

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From the podcast

Man, if you thought Your Stories got real before, you ain't heard nothin' yet. For our first officially themed episode, we decided to talk about sex, and the results are surprisingly honest, poignant and excellent. Serious round of applause for our storytellers this month. This episode features:

  • Eric Garneau: I Fell in Love With a Stripper
  • Kevin Reader: My First Lapdance
  • Sawyer Heppes: The Princess is in Another Castle
  • Allison MacWilliams-Brooks: Lessons for a Dorky Girl in a Sex-Crazed World
  • Alex Talavera: Shortcomings
  • Bill Kenkel: On Sexuality and Productivity
  • Steve Persch: Watch Out for Those Other Queens
  • Dwight & Eric: Poker Face