A Night with the Stars, Part 3

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The last two episodes of this show, we teamed up with Improvised Star Trek to bring you some stories. This time, we opened for them! This was recorded at the Chris Farley Cabaret at iO Chicago last Friday before a really excellent IST show. Those guys are the best and we had a ton of fun being there. We hope you enjoy listening! This episode, we've got:

  • Eric: Five Years
  • Mike Jando: Two Flags
  • Katie Johnston-Smith: Email to Bill Nye
  • Mike Gifford: Stars Close-Up
  • Eric: Ziggy Stardust

Thanks to our sponsors for this episode, Basecamp, and to the Chicago Podcast Coop like always!

Our next Your Stories show is our fourth birthday and features some of our favorite storytellers and songs from the past year! Do come?

Also, we're doing a pretty fun holiday sketch show for charity on December 12. Think Star Wars, but better.