Ray's Cover Me (from Blank Cassette)

From the podcast

Blank Cassette is another Eric-coproduced podcast we Nerds like a lot. In that show, like this one, each week's guest tells a heartfelt, earnest story of their own. Unlike this show, that story is soundtracked with a playlist/mixtape/etc made by the guest that complements the story. This week, we're sharing a Blank Cassette from a couple weeks ago featuring blog editor and now book author Ray Padgett from Cover Me. Ray just published a fantastic book on cover songs that kind of explores their history (and the history of pop music in general) while spotlighting 19 of the greatest covers in history. In this episode, Ray talks about those 19 songs and the journey from music fan to blog editor to book author and expert, all soundtracked with those 19 songs. Hope you enjoy!

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