Retro Tour Stories: Grind Part 1 (Los Angeles 2015)

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From the podcast

Los Angeles has been very kind to the Nerdologues and this show over the years. This week, as part of our month-long look back at our earliest road shows, we're re-presenting the recordings from the first time ever we visited the City of Angels, in February 2015, and recorded some of the best pieces this show's ever heard. This week, you can enjoy (again!):

  • Cover Stories: My Name Is Jonas
  • Cover Stories: The Walker
  • Mary Beth Smith: Not a Story About a Stolen Bike
  • Nikki Taguilas: Vengeance of the Birthing Gods
  • Pedro & Ramiro Castro: A Learning Cliff/Pitching to Bob Odenkirk
  • Ever Mainard: Galilee Medical and Dental Center
  • Emma Fitzpatrick: Dirty Bird
  • Cover Stories: Slave to the Grind

And, like I say in the episode introduction, we'll be on the road for another travel date or two this summer! Any southern IL fans out there? Hit us up if you're free June 15!