Retro Tour Stories: Roll Models Part 1 (Midwinter Gaming Convention 2015)

From the podcast

A year ago today, Your Stories hit the road for a two-week tour of the western United States. It was awesome. But before that, we did a handful of shows outside of Chicago to prove we could thrive outside our home base. This month, we're looking back at some of them. On this retro Tour Stories episode, we've got a recording from the January 2015 Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee, WI, the first time we ever did an episode of this show anywhere but Chicago! Enjoy this blast from the past featuring: 

  • Cover Stories: Holding Out for a Hero (Claire remix)
  • Cover Stories: Kickapoo
  • Eric Garneau: Portland Is Magic
  • James Boland: Storytelling
  • Ben Riggs: The Six Weeks I Thought Cthulu Was Real
  • Shirley Niedzwiecki: Forming a Domain, Side A
  • Chris Koterba: The Quest for Farscape Season 2
  • Cover Stories: Beth