Retro Tour Stories: Roll Models Part 2 (Midwinter Gaming Convention 2015)

From the podcast

This time last year, we were in the middle of a tour of the western United States, which was the coolest time. That made us nostalgic for our earliest shows on the road, like this one, from January 2015 in Milwaukee, the first time we ever recorded our show outside Chicago! This is from the tremendous Midwinter Gaming Convention and, geez, we made a lot of friends from this show. Hope you enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: People Got a Lotta Nerve
  • Sarah Babe: Vampire's Such a Sensual Game
  • Matt Quiett: Forming a Domain, Side B
  • Brad Davies: Swordplay
  • Steve Persch: Party Games
  • Ben Dunn: RPG-Adjacent
  • Cover Stories: Born to Run

Next week: our first trip to LA, and info on our next live shows!