The Return of My Own Boss (with Friends!)

From the podcast: Your Stories

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Kicking off a couple weeks of musical episodes! Once upon a time (like 6-7 years ago), Eric was a one-man Springsteen tribute called My Own Boss. Last week, he brought that act back for a special one-night-only fundraiser for the ACLU, and he brought some friends along. Here are those friends!

This episode contains:

  • Adam Raised a Cain (with Adam Braeckman)
  • Because the Night (with Kailyn Hope Bennett)
  • Atlantic City (with Dwight Haesler)
  • The Ghost of Tom Joad (with Dwight Haesler)
  • Springsteen's Proteges Medley (with Chris Blake and Dwight Haesler)
  • This Land Is Your Land (with Susan Schomburg)

If you'd like to hear the whole show, it's up on our Patreon page in its entirety for your enjoyment. As this was a charity show, it feels crass to stick it behind a paywall, so -- Eric will match dollar amounts of anyone who signs up for our Patreon page this month at the $5 level or more and also give that money to the ACLU. Even if you just sign up through the end of the month! 

And thanks to Jackbox Games and the Chicago Podcast Coop for your support!