September 2012 Part 1: It’s Just a Theory

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In this first part of our September episode, departing Nerdologues member and newly-minted doctor Bill Kenkel asks us all to think like scientists and propose a theory -- any theory we want -- about the world around us. What results is pretty damn spectacular. Check out this show for:

  • Dwight & Eric: Big Bang Moon Rising
  • Bill Kenkel: Nerds Love Spaceships
  • Steve Persch: We Can't Count on Backwards Time Travel
  • Chris Crotwell: The Cheesecake Factory is the Least Satisfying Dining Experience Imaginable
  • Sarah Sheber & Marnie Thompson: If Star Wars Were an Orchestra, the Violas Would Be Jedi
  • Sawyer Heppes: Things Get Worse
  • Jonathan Lester: The Biggest Threat to Modern Society is World of Warcraft
  • Dwight & Eric: Here Comes Your Man

The next Your Stories recording is Sunday, September 16 at the Upstairs Gallery in Chicago. Hope you can make it!