September 2012 Part 2: It’s a Thinker

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From the podcast

In this second part of our September episodes, our speakers' theories continue to fly. This episode covers a wide range of topics from the silly to the profound. If you want something to ponder, consider the following:

  • Dwight & Eric: Psycho Killer
  • Shelby Mongan: The Internet is Forcing a Reevaluation of the Textbook Term "Nerd," Probably for the worse
  • Chris Geiger: If I Lived in a Comic Book World, I Would Hate Superheroes and I Would Be Lex Luthor
  • Nora Seidman: You Can Tell a Lot About a Person by Who Their Favorite Ninja Turtle Is
  • Alex Talavera: I Don't Know What I Am
  • Shawn Patrick Boyle: The Next Technological Breakthrough Will Be Therapeutic AI
  • Claire Friedman: Rejected Theorites
  • Dwight & Eric: You Really Got Me

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