September 2014: Bottoms Up, Part 2

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From the podcast

Once again, some of the fantastic personalities behind the forthcoming Geek Bar Chicago -- as well as a few friends of ours -- grace our stage for a set of stories responding to the theme "Bottoms Up." We had a wild, crazy time recording this episode, and we hope you enjoy listening to it! This week, we've got:

  • Cover Stories: Cheers Theme
  • Ryan Bond: Grand Theft Model Car
  • Sarah Sheber: Injury-Prone
  • Shaina Lyn-Waitsman: 9 Shots
  • Shawn Boyle: Trifecta of Excuses
  • Tom Kern: Pants Down
  • Cover Stories: Piano Man

If you're looking for something fun to do this Thursday, why not check out our show with the Doubleclicks

Also, here's the film project Shawn talked about in his story. Check it out!