Tour Stories: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, Part 1 (from Los Angeles)

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Last week the Nerdologues released our newest podcast, a creation of the wonderful Mr. Gary Lucy, who you may remember from the Ketchup (as well as a couple previous appearances on this show!). The new 'cast is called Let's Get It On, and we love it. So we threw it a launch party at Nerdmelt in LA! Gary booked and hosted this show his own damn self, and he brought a lot of really incredible, talented people to the stage to talk about their own relationship with radio. This episode, you'll hear:

  • Eric: Rush Rush
  • Jane Edith Wilson: Dumb Love
  • Steve Benaquist: Radio Pastiche
  • Zachary Barton: The Complicated Tom Clay
  • Sharon Houston: Lubbock's New Music Source

Check out the pilot episode of Let's Get It On, now available on and on iTunes!

If you want to support the Your Stories tour, which has one stop left, you can hit up our Patreon page. That's helping pay for my gas, friends! Or come see us! We'll be in Minneapolis this Friday! Then we're back in Chicago for our first show at our new home, the Beat Kitchen, this Sunday!