Tour Stories: Sleepless, Part 2 (from Seattle)

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From the podcast

I extolled the virtues of Seattle pretty hard last week, so this time let me just give a quick plug to our hosts for the evening, Wayward Coffeehouse, who were so kind and accomodating for us despite having a really busy night. Pay them a visit if you're ever around Seattle, friends! 

This is the second to last episode of our Tour Stories journey. Hope you've enjoyed the trip! This episode, you get:

  • Eric: Night Moves
  • Eric: Prove It All Night
  • Mike Robles: Pregnancy
  • Chris Michelotti: Wet Bed
  • Sabella Flagg: Alternative You
  • Eric: A Hard Day's Night

Chicago, don't miss our next live Your Stories this Sunday! We're teaming up with the folks of Sit, Stay, Read and we're gonna have a grand time!