Tyler's A Fortnight from the Heart (from Blank Cassette)

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Hey, this Sunday's our first live show of 2018! We're hanging out at the incredible 826CHI in Wicker Park to kick off one of Eric's favorite times of the year, A Fortnight from the Heart, which pairs power ballads and nonprofit orgs in a celebration of great work and great music THAT HE IS NOT ASHAMED TO LIKE. So it seemed fitting to borrow an episode from another Nerdologues podcast, Blank Cassette, that explains the origins of the Fortnight via comedian Tyler Snodgrass, who wanted to populate social media with "Valentine's Day Carols" a couple years ago. This is a super sweet story about celebrating an underappreciated genre of music, and it's clearly been an inspirational force to Eric. So enjoy!

Don't miss our show at 826CHI this Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5 PM! It's earlier than usual, cuz we're recording in a classroom.

And thanks to the Chicago Podcast Coop and Simplecast for sponsoring this episode!