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The Nerdologues Present: Your Stories podcast released its first episode on December 1, 2011 (it came over to Podbean on December 10). That means that, by the time the next episode of Your Stories drops, the podcast will have turned one year old. This is pretty exciting. Everyone involved with Your Stories absolutely loves it, and it wouldn't be the show it is without you guys - the people sharing stories and the people listening at home.

The final episode of Poor Choices.  Mick Napier is the guest and we talk about The Annoyance 25th, directing at Second City, Fatty Drives the Bus, Exit 57, and more.  The Poor Choices Podcast was an interview show hosted by Mark Colomb in Chicago.  It featured interviews with Chicago based writers and performers.  Mark Colomb was the host.  Thank you very much for listening and supporting the show.  Look for something new right here in January.  I will do my best to keep the feed up an running but if you would like to donate through paypal that would be great.

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Do nerds play sports? Of course they do! And while we hate to stereotype, it just so happens that the crop of nerdy storytellers we've got this month specialize in, let's say, sports that are more off-the-beaten path.

What happens when women can't get pregnant but dudes are still immature?

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The almost final show.  Mark is the guest this show and the hosts of Another Podcast help out.  It was recorded live at The Upstiars Gallery.  Mark Colomb is the guest and the hosts are Micah Sterenberg and Joanna Feldman.

Holly Laurent stops by to talk about growing up in the church, coming to Chicago, The Reckoning, Second City, and more.  The Poor Choices Podcast is a Chicago based interview podcast hosted by Mark Colomb.

How hard do you roll? We roll HARD.

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Jeff Award winner Edgar Blackmon stops by the show to talk about The Second City, Chicago, Florida, Kids, and more in this super sized episode.  The Poor Choices Podcast is a Chicago based interview show hosted by Mark Colomb.