Episode Archive: Sports Retorts with Hooli and The Joe

MB and the boys are back in town for a "Season 2" premiere that will catch you up on every single thing that happened in sports since episode 40. Once that's out of the way, things get frightening[ly fun and informative] as Hooli goes Trick-or-Treating across the NBA, The Joe unmasks a horror film villain for each NFL franchise, and MB describes the costumes some Astros and Dodgers will be donning during the series. It's all scarier than your battered fantasy football lineup!

Hooli, The Joe, and MBS took a Guaranteed Rate Field trip to record an episode live at a Chicago White Sox vs. Houston Astros game. They talk the good, bad, and ugly news in the NBA (and WNBA), cut loose on Cutler to the Phins, and unpack the MLB trade deadline for the two teams in their presence and beyond. Spoilers for Wednesday August 9th's Sox/Stros game. 

Hooli has said for years that the NBA is always fixed.  Does he have proof this time?  MB breaks down the MLB season a quarter of the way through, and The Joe Browns-noses the NFL Draft.  All that and an Instagram post!

Podcast Episode

Does length matter?  MB and The Joe go head-to-head on whether the baseball season is too long (no surprises on who falls where).  We then take a bird's-eye view of the Flat Earth Society, and finish it out with a new 2 Minute Drill.

It's MB's favorite time of year again: players have started heading to AZ and FL for spring training. She drops everything you need to know about pitchers and catchers around the league for the upcoming season*, and the boys totally help. Hooli talks about the NBA trade deadline. The Joe thinks the earth is flat** #Kyrie.

*Except the horrible David Price news that dropped post-recording.
**He doesnt, but if he cared about Kyrie he would.​

After an extended winter break we are back! The gents slam the fans for denying Westbrook a starting spot in the NBA All-Star game, provide 3/4ths of a Super Bowl preview (considering how much Brady played this season), and finally answer the question... is Rodgers a top 3 QB of all time!?!?  All that and a very timely Ronda Rousey joke!