BONUS: Live at Project Comic-Con, St. Louis

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From the podcast

Last weekend the Nerdologues crew trek'd down to sunny St. Louis, MO for a couple shows at Project Comic-Con, St. Louis' premiere comic convention. As it happens I recorded the show, and to make up for you guys only getting one episode of Your Stories this month, I thought I'd release some of that show here! This is only about a third of the excellent Nerdologues material St. Louis got, but there is some really great stuff here that deserves to be on the podcast, like:

  • The Nerdologues: Nerd Rage
  • Joe Gennaro: Football + Video Games = ?
  • Fred Dukes: Commencement at Xavier's
  • Kevin Reader & Chris Geiger: Dungeons & Dragons slam poetry

We hope you enjoy this bonus mini-episode! The next Your Stories recording takes place this Sunday, June 17th at the Upstairs Gallery in Andersonville, Chicago. Check out the Facebook event for all the deets!