Character Generation, Part 2

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We had a blast recording a couple episodes with our friends from the One Shot Podcast, which is another Chicago Podcast Coop show y'all should definitely check out. Between them and us, a bunch of thoughtful, wonderful people took the stage to share their thoughts on the notion of "Character Generation." This week, we've got:

  • Cover Stories: Wonderboy
  • Cover Stories: The Unforgiven
  • Shelby Mongan: Mary Sue
  • Johnny O'Mara: George Lucas Commencement Speech
  • Alex Manich: Rerolling Your Character
  • Bill Nielsen: Tyler
  • Nate Bechtel: Monsters
  • Katie Johnston-Smith: Follow Your Arrow

Thanks again to our sponsors for this episode, Utter Nonsense! It's a really fun game! 

Here's our next Your Stories show, complete with a dramatically read He-Man script Eric wrote when he was 14.