Five Years, Part 1 (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust)

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As we enter year six of this podcast, we've got one more celebration of what's come before up our sleeve. Of course, that's our Five Year Anniversary show, recorded at the Hideout in December, featuring -- for the first time ever -- a full band rocking the house, plus a collection of our favorite storytellers from our first five years of podcasts! This episode, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories Annual: "45"
  • Cover Stories Annual: Five Years
  • Chris Geiger: Changes
  • Bill Bullock: Ashes to Ashes
  • Katie Johnston-Smith: (The Last) Five Years
  • Jonathan Lester: South Horizon
  • Larissa Zageris: As the World Falls Down
  • Craig Badynee: Rock 'N' Roll Suicide

Thanks so much to our sponsors for this week's episode, Cards Against Humanity, and thanks as always to the Chicago Podcast Coop!

Come back next week for the second half of our Hideout show plus some cool news about the Nerds in 2017!