March 2015: Fanfiction 3, Part 2

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We. Love. Fanfiction. You probably figured that out if you've been around since the beginning, or even if you listened to last week's episode. This week, we've got more great speakers with more meditations on fiction for you to ponder, like:

  • Cover Stories: Dio
  • Cover Stories: Alex Chilton
  • Mike Chuck Bretzlaff: Selfie Closure
  • Andrew Bentley: Selective Narrative
  • Nathan Robert: A Year in the Life
  • Aarthi D: Fanfictioning Myself
  • Eileen Tull: Bad Dates; or, What Killed That Monkey in Indiana Jones Only Makes Me Stronger
  • Cover Stories: Born To Express Yourself

Hey guys, the monthly live Your Stories show has a new home - Cards Against Humanity's Some Office! And our first show there is this Sunday, with special guests from the aforementioned Cards Against Humanity. Cool!

This episode's sponsored by Iron Galaxy Studios. They're great! Founder Dave Lang actually told a story on this very podcast last year. Thanks to the Chicago Podcast Coop for their efforts here.