May 2015 Bonus: Happy Birthday, Dwight!

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From the podcast

Dwight Haesler has been on more consecutive episodes of Your Stories than literally anyone else, and yet to those who just listen to the podcast, he's a giant unknown. Won't you join us, then, as Your Stories celebrates the man behind the golden voice on his 30th birthday? This episode, enjoy:

  • Kevin Reader and Chris Geiger: Where in the World?
  • Eric Garneau: Sorrow
  • Claire Friedman and Eric Garneau: Friendship
  • Eric Garneau with Alex Cox: Disembodied Voice
  • Chris Crotwell: Blurry
  • Jon Lester: Enthusiasm
  • Mary Beth Smith with Claire Friedman and Eric Garneau: Thirrty
  • Andrew Bentley: Superlatives
  • Shelby Mongan: Feud
  • Lauren Rodriguez: Blanket Fort
  • Joe Gennaro: Dwight Medley
  • Cover Stories: Kiss from a Rose
  • Cover Stories: Tribute

As referenced by Chris Crotwell, here's Dwight's blurry documentation of the last few years. 

If you're in Chicago this Friday and want to go to a cool party to celebrate the launch of our first Kickstarter campaign, hey, we won't stop you!