November 2012 Part 1: The Sporting Life

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Do nerds play sports? Of course they do! And while we hate to stereotype, it just so happens that the crop of nerdy storytellers we've got this month specialize in, let's say, sports that are more off-the-beaten path. Listen to this episode for:

  • Sawyer Heppes: The Your Stories Drinking Game
  • Dwight & Eric: Boys of Summer
  • Dwight & Eric: Your Love
  • Andrew Bentley: Role Models
  • Charlie Madsen: Fantasy Madden
  • Byron Hatfield: When LARPing Gets Real
  • Mark Colomb: What Do You Do When All the Horses Drown?
  • Chris Geiger: Gotta Catch 'Em All
  • Dwight & Eric: The Pokemon Theme

Hey, by the way, how'd you like to see some burlesque dancing with your sketch comedy? Then come to this in a week!

UPDATE 11/2: Charlie Madsen has provided us with these graphics to illustrate the spreadsheets he makes for his fantasy Madden and NBA 2K leagues.

A snapshot of his NFL lineup for 2012:


His NBA 2013 projections: